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SGS Library Researchers
Pat Rongey recently enjoyed a rewarding experience with providing research help to a woman at the library.  The woman was so grateful, she invited Pat to her home for tea.  Pat says, “you just never know when you make a difference”.

Portugal is a Wonderful Country To Visit
From a recent walkabout in Portugal, SGS member Merilee Mulvey shares “a photo of a typical hill in the Duaro Valley in the northern third of Portugal.  These terraced hills have been kept up by local farming families for hundreds of years; it is their heritage and their livelihood from general to generation.  The Duaro Valley around Porto is famous for growing grapes to make Port wine . . . sort of like the Champagne region of France where authentic Champagne grapes are grown.”

Duaro Valley, Portugal“In this photo you can see this particular hill has scrub forest at the top, mature grape vines next, new grape vines next, then mature olive trees, then more scrub forest near the river’s edge.  A typical terrace goes all the way to the top of a hill and each ring is about 8 feet wide with hand stacked granite stone walls to hold the ring if needed.  Port wine grapes, olive trees for olives and olive oil.”

Early Census Takers – more from Merilee Mulvey
Merilee thought SGS members might be interested in reading a bit of history on early ‘Instructions to Census Takers’. The article can be found at Dick Eastman’s Genealogy blog.

Power of Florence
The Siuslaw Genealogy Society will again be participating in the Power of Florence event on July 18th at the Grocery Outlet parking lot. Pat Rongey will be at a booth displaying our Recycle project and distributing SGS information.  View more information.


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Announcements and Reminders

More On DNA
Kevin Mittge recommends viewing a post on the DNA Explained blog about the true story of a man who connected with his biological family through DNA and genealogy research. Needless to say, Kevin has had a busy week – in addition to a great presentation at the recent SGS meeting, he and Pat Rongey gave an informative interview discussing genealogy on radio KXCR which aired this weekend.

What To Do With Your Research
From member June Braun:  “I was reading some of the items on the site and thought it might be helpful for members who don’t know what to do with their research, to contact the LDS Genealogy Library in Salt Lake City. They will add books to their collection, will microfilm it for any one to read it and eventually add it to their extraction program so eventually any and everyone will access to it.”

Save the Date – Summer SGS Picnic – August 19th, 4 p.m.; Elks RV Park, Mercer Lake Rd.

Special thanks to Louise Carlson and June Braun for providing refreshments at Wednesday’s SGS meeting.

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Radio Interview

Kevin Mittge and Pat Rongey were interviewed last week on community radio KXCR 90.7 FM.  Discussing genealogy, the show airs this Friday, June 19 at 11:30 a.m. and again this Saturday, June 20 at 10 a.m.  Tune in!

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SGS News

Featured speaker will be member Kevin Mittge on DNA for Genealogists.
A very basic look at what DNA is, what DNA can do for you, what it can’t do for you, what companies will test your DNA, what tests they provide and for how much, and what your results will look like.  Sure to be an informative presentation!

Pat Rongey did a great radio interview on KXCR FM 90.7 and discussed her recycle activities.  With Pat’s help, the SGS Recycle Program has not only been a good fundraiser, but has had a positive effect in reducing the amount going into our landfills. Total earnings to date for the SGS Recycle Program is $421.25.

The following items have been collected in our recycle drop boxes:
172 cell phones
2,470 inkjets
191 toners
Plus numerous small electronics

From the above items, the following resources were collected:
90.15 lbs. plastic
4.27 lbs. nylon
33.34 lbs. steel
5.95 lbs. aluminum
.49 lbs copper

Membership Dues are due this month!
Summer Picnic is August 19th.  Sign up for your potluck dish at next week’s meeting.

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Genealogy News and Links

SGS members share the following announcements:

From Jacquie Beveridge:
With recent reports that may be up for sale, Lisa Louise Cooke’s Genealogy Gems blog makes several suggestions regarding safeguarding your research data.
Read more.

From Mary Colgan-Bennetts
Tracing your Irish roots? Parish records have long been considered the most important source of information on Irish family history before the 1901 Census. Ireland’s Catholic Church records will be going online and available for free. Read more.

Pat Rongey on the Radio
Pat was interviewed last week on community radio KXCR 90.7 FM.  She discussed her recycling efforts and mentioned the SGS recycling project. The show airs this Friday, June 5 at 11:30 a.m. and again this Saturday, June 6 at 10 a.m.  Tune in!

The next SGS monthly meeting is June 17.  See you there!


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Facebook Presentation Follow Up

Jacquie Beveridge did a great job at last night’s SGS meeting with introducing us to the many features of Facebook, including genealogy groups and other links which can be found at that site.  (If you missed the meeting, or want to hear the audio again, click HERE.)  During the presentation, there was interest among several members on  how to add a “favorite” page/group to a Facebook  home page.  As promised, Jacquie has provided the instructions HERE.  Throughout the evening, we visited and discussed a number of websites.  Click a title below to re-visit those sites.

Cyndi’s List – Social Networking for Genealogy (Facebook)
Cyndi’s List – Uses for Facebook in Genealogy’s Using Facebook to Grow Your Family Tree
Family Search – Genealogy Help on Facebook
Facebook – Genealogy Group
You Tube Video – How to Find Genealogy Pages & Groups on Facebook
Young Savvy Genealogists Blog
Swedish American Genealogy Group on Facebook

There was also some discussion last night on how to join your Haplogroup.  Karen Childs contributes this information:
1 – Google Haplogroup******** (*add your personal haplogroup )
2 – When the page comes up there will be the word ‘ JOIN.’
Click on it and join the group.
‘Why join?  Because there is a ton of information on your haplogroup to study and  learn.’ – Karen

There is sure to be additional information on this at next month’s DNA presentation by Kevin Mittge.

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Siuslaw Genealogy Society News

FREE E-BOOK (until May 11)
Wondering what to do with your genealogy research?
Member Jacquie Beveridge suggests downloading the free E-book After You’re Gone: Future Proofing Your Genealogy Research by Thomas MacEntee.  Available HERE.

Special thanks to Pat Rongey, Pat Ness and Debbie Wakimoto for setting up and maintaining the Genealogy booth, and to Merilee Mulvey for her contribution of trail mix packages at the Florence Green Fair last weekend.  They were on hand throughout the day to answer questions and distribute family history information. The booth looked great!

Siuslaw Genealogy Society booth

Featured speaker will be member Jacquie Beveridge on social media.

Coming Soon Events



Eugene 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.  Download Registration Form.


* * *  SGS PICNIC August 19 * * *  Stay tuned for details!

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